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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Davida's Reflections

From time to time, I find interesting articles that inspire me and help me think about what makes for a life well-lived.  I hope you'll benefit from these as much as I do - I'd love to hear your reactions and thoughts!


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We all know about the importance of exercise to mental well being.  However, this NY Times article presents a new take on how being in nature can improve our psychological state.  See what you think...

How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain



As parents, we all want the best for our children.  But it's always a fine line between helping them to achieve success and teaching them how to be succeed on their own.  Here's a great article on finding the right balance:
Helping vs. Enabling





In this day and age of 24/7 demands, stress can be our biggest enemy.  It can cause us to feel overwhelmed, out of control, and insecure about our ability to succeed.  However, successful people have certain techniques that keep stress in check and negative thoughts at bay:

How Successful People Stay Calm

Travis Bradberry




Self-criticism is not only natural, but it can often be useful.  The question is, how do we keep from being too hard on ourselves?  The consequences of severe self-criticism can be destructive both physiologically and psychologically.  Here's a great insight into how to moderate and appropriately channel our self-critiques:

Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Self-criticism can take a toll on our minds and bodies. It’s time to ease up.

By Charlotte Lieberman




We have all heard it said that, “you are what you eat.”  Well, nutritionists and mental health researchers are now finding that what we eat can influence anxiety, depression and, conversely, well-being.  See what you think:

Can What We Eat Affect How We Feel?

By Richard Schiffman



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